Digital Audio Processing

All you need to know.
All you need to know.


Use of Multiband Dynamic Quantization as Audio Effect (2014)

Originally submitted for AES Student Design Competition.  This paper outlines an effect that changes bit depth dynamically with frequency, as well as driving four bands of the effect separately, each with different parameters. The project was prototyped in MATLAB and includes a graphical user interface designed in GUIDE to allow easily viewable results and tweaking of parameters to facilitate the prototyping process.

Acknowledgments: Ross Penniman (MATLAB static bit crushing function), Will Pirkle (filter design equations), and Maxwell Molander (Brainstorming on original concept).


Dynamic Multiband Bit Crusher

Digital Model of the Passive James/Baxandall Tonestack (2013)

AES eBrief presented at the 135th Audio Engineering Conference in New York, NY.  Written with Chris Bennett and Jonathon Toft-Nielsen.  My contribution was applying nodal analysis on the Tonestack to derive the analog transfer function, performing bilinear transformation, and setting the values of components to obtain the full transfer function in MATLAB.

Comparing Hand Calculated and Simulated RT 60 Times of a Room (2013)

Use of Google Sketch-Up and JBL Ease to model a room and simulate the reflections and reverb, and compare these to hand calculations.

Acknowledgements: Jena Macias, Daniel Dyre-Greensite (Google Sketch Up simulation)

Head Related Transfer Functions (2013)

Processing of audio files in MATLAB using transfer functions modeling the inter-aural time delays and comb filtering that cause a listener to localize a sound in three dimensions.

Auto Gain and Dynamic Filtering Prototype (2012)

This was my first signal processing endeavor and starting out as a way to try to get guitar strums to have an envelope similar to that of a dubstep sound.  It turned into more of an auto-wah, but along the way I had to learn how to implement transient detection and got a better understanding of a lot of basic signal processing concepts.


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