A Constant Knowledge of Death



James Goldmann – Vocals, Bass, Guitas (2012-Present)

Connor McCullough – Guitars, Bass (2013-Present)

Aaron Gutierrez – Guitars, Bass (2012-Present)

Mark Rivas – Drums (2012-Present)


Volume I: Enculturation [2015]

// We Are The Victims


Tethered To A Visceral Moment


Your Voice Is One Of Many 

Defining Identity

There Is A Room Inside Of Me With Your Name Written In It 

// We Are The Crime

Guitars by Connor McCullough & Aaron Gutierrez
Bass by Connor McCullough & James Goldmann
Vocals & Lyrics by James Goldmann
Drums by Mark Rivas
Synths, Effects & Wubs by Connor McCullough

Mixed by Connor McCullough
Produced by Connor McCullough & A Constant Knowledge of Death
Mastered by Magnus Andersson at Endarker Studios Sweden

Speak (Single) [2014]



A Constant Knowledge of Death was started by James Goldmann as an outlet for his more atmospheric compositions and after several lineup changes, the current lineup of me, James, Aaron Gutierrez, and Mark Rivas was arrived at.  We are working on our first album which is a collection of our songs that haven’t been used for our other projects that somehow coherently mesh together.  The album is a mix of atmospheric rock, death metal, progressive metal, electronic music and even some hardcore and punk.